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Jean-Sébastien & Katie Morin

Quebec Director/Producing French content for child and youth discipleship

The Why ?

According to a large Canadian study among Evangelicals, “Only one in three Canadian young adults who attended church weekly as a child still do so today”. We greatly suspect that the number is even significantly lower in the Francophone context.  

The Kingdom of God is sometimes like a bathtub: churches put a lot of energy into getting one or two “drops” of new converts, but leave the drain unplugged leading to them losing young people by the dozens. Churches and pastors sometimes do not realise that they have a ten to fifteen-year window to invest in the lives of children and teenagers, to train them as disciples, and to walk beside them as they face the great questions that will come in college and university. 

This is why it is so important to produce resources and events that will create an awareness for child and teen evangelism and discipleship among Francophones.  

The What ?

It might be difficult to imagine, but there are very few French resources created for discipleship and Sunday school or even for Bible studies. There are very few DVDs, books, biblical studies, manuals, videos. Pastors almost always need to create things from scratch. Every semester is a puzzle for biblical seminaries as there is sometimes not even a single book in French on certain subjects! 

Together we are producing videos, articles, books, booklets, devotionals, on-site and online training and resources in French to help churches and camps.  

Why us ?

Jean-Sébastien met his wife Katie while they were both serving in a summer camp ministry. They continued to serve as teachers and camp directors for a few years.  

Jean-Sébastien is an author, pastor and seminary lecturer (mainly in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology and Church History). He won the Word Guild Award 2016 (Christian Life French) for his book on marriage. He has written five published books so far, on dating, marriage, spiritual disciplines, Christian Life and a presentation of the Gospel for French Canadians. 

Katie has been teaching Sunday school for more than 20 years. She has a passion for teaching kids and training Sunday school teachers, camp counselors and Bible school students to engage kids and teenagers in a dynamic and Christ-centered way. She has her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Music. 

Katie and Jean-Sébastien have four children ranging from ages 5 to 11.  They are part of a church-plant on the South Shore of Montreal where they can use the youth as their guinea pigs for all the new material they are producing. 

Upcoming Projects

A high-quality video curriculum for pre-teens (9-13) that seeks to answer questions such as “how do we know we believe in the right God?” and “How do we know what the Bible says is true?”

A French book to equip parents to disciple their children and teens to love and follow Jesus all their lives. 

Thank you for investing in the Kingdom of God through our ministry. You are impacting generations of children, youth and families to live for Christ. 

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