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Megan Watt

Director Assistant at Hope Bay Bible Camp

In addition to assisting the Camp Director, I have a love for gardening. I wish to create beautiful fruit and vegetable gardens for children to see and engage in. This will show the campers God's abundance and provision for them. 

Containers, pots, and bags are readily available around them, and with some dirt and water they can watch a plant grow and produce something they can eat. Teaching these skills open us up to telling campers about God, by explaining how we start out as seeds and with the watering of the word, we can produce the fruits that so please God. Our personal growth in the Lord is like the plants that grow and mature, shining God’s glory for all to see (so many biblical references available to use). This is especially important for inner city children who many times do not have the opportunity to be taught how to grow their own food.

I am also working with local community members to host food workshops in our large camp kitchen.

Thank you so much for partnering with me in this ministry.

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